Insulated Panel Risks

Insurance for businesses  with Insulated or Expanded Panel Systems

Manufactures of scientific instruments, dairy, cheese, yoghurt, seafood, meat, small goods, ice cream and similar products require clean rooms and or refrigeration.

Insurers of these businesses charge higher insurance costs and excesses.

Insurex has developed a specific insurance and risk solutions to significantly reduce the cost of insurance for these businesses.

If you answer yes to any of the following, we can help.

  • Are you concerned with increased premiums and excesses?
  • Frustrated because you have never had a fire loss, yet insurance costs go up every year?
  • Are you aware all insurance policies contain special insurance conditions and exclusions, where if you do not fully comply, your insurer may not pay for your loss?
  • Are you unable to purchase affordable insurance?
  • Is this just another business nightmare you do not need?
  • Would you liable for damage to surrounding businesses if you had a fire?
  • Will your customers return assuming you can reopen?
  • Could you still pay your leases, mortgage, wages etc after a fire or any other major loss?

Is your business at this point of “RISC”?

Insurers prefer businesses that reduce risk to those that do little or nothing. This is no secret but how to do this in a simple and cost-efficient way, means aligning the right strategies to the insurance coverage.

Through “RISC” a user-friendly system, designed and supplied by our own risk management services company, we can help you meet your insurance policy obligations, reduce insurance cost, lessen the risks to business and put you on the path to best practice.

We can work with your existing insurer or our supporting insurers for better insurance coverage and terms.

Should you not have insurance, or simply can’t afford insurance, then this system is critical to business survival.

See the Risk Mitigators one minute explainer video.

You can also download our brochure here.

If your serious about saving insurance premiums and reducing risk, then please call us.

Our motto is ”if I were the client, how would I feel”