Our Approach

Just Like Your Fingerprint Your Business Is Unique

No two businesses are the same.

So that is why at InsureX, our staff who work on an account will have a full understanding of the your business operations and are selected for their particular skills in being able to respond to the needs of each individual client.  We also ensure a senior principal has overarching control of your insurance account.

If you are a client that has a Head Office and Operating Divisions, we encourage and ensure a full understanding of the risks involved at all levels and this is achieved via building relationships at both levels. This also allows for effective reporting and feedback with the risk management process and its implementation and ongoing review and management.

Insurex Does Not Have a One Size Fits All Approach To Risk Profiles

It is our philosophy to always identify accurately assess the risk profile individually of each of our clients. We have a range of tools and processes to do so.  This allows for us to design and recommend a tailored risk solution that will more efficiently address exposures.

Clearly designing a good risk solution has to be sustainable for the coming 12 months renewal period, as well as work for the medium to long term. We achieve this by identifying the risk profile and real issues of each of our client’s businesses. We can provide individual risk report profiling.

By working closely with all levels of management to identify areas of risk within your business we can achieve these results. Once the issues have been identified then we can design, implement, and monitor an agreed risk management strategy.

We also find by taking this approach that we can help your employees better understand the concept of risk management and the role it plays within the business. More importantly, the benefits to  the business as well as staff become transparent. Staff understand this value proposition, are far more likely to commit to the corporate goal and ensure a safe, profitable growth environment is achievable.

Claims: We Stand With You When You Need Us Most

We truly believe the real value of our recommended insurance program has to be that it has the ability to respond efficiently and timely in the event of a claim.

We have a proven track record in our ability to design programs that achieve this result and we have shown our worth over many years with the successful settlement of many claims. We command high esteem with our peers and remain in constant demand from lawyers and counsel in Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions for expert evidence skills.

It is through our commitment to assist clients prepare, lodge, and professionally manage claims through to their conclusion,  that we will achieve the best possible result in the shortest time possible whilst standing with you each step of the way.

Together with many of our corporate partners we have the capacity to take claims as far as they need go. Ask as about us our generous key partner programs.